Look for Sara's course: Appreciative Coaching online at Winona State in May 2017 and Gratitude at Osher Lifelong Learning at UC Berkeley beginning September 2017.
For more information, call 510-459-0239.

Watch my video introduction to the Stages of Appreciative Inquiry View >>


My passion is to connect with an audience, whether that audience is one or 10,001. I have an acting background and come alive in the intersection of self, topic and others. I catch fire when I speak about coaching and its challenges and successes as well as its promise. I embrace appreciative inquiry, positivity, and positive psychology, as ways to be with people so that they know I see them as mysteries to be appreciated rather than problems to be solved. Learn More»


My specialization has evolved over the years. People come to me when they are ready to change something about which they have great desire, and often, great confusion. What I do is get them ready. My area of interest and commitment is preparation. What needs to be in place for you to change? What people, situations, barriers, self-stories, need to be explored so that all of the parts of your starting blocks are ready to propel you into your transformation? Learn More»


I lived and breathed financial services for many years. I know large corporations inside and out. I’ve consulted to city government agencies, pharmaceutical companies, banks and insurance companies. I teach now in the area of leadership development and have led leadership development efforts among global leadership teams and as part of succession planning efforts. I often coach leaders in transition as part of these consulting contracts. Given my coaching specialization this often looks like helping leaders to prepare for their next project or promotion. Learn More»
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