Aquatics ClassThis has been a month of dramatic events and effects of personal, internal changes.  I have used up whatever energy an active 72 year-old can use almost every day.  Just a few external changes include my first ever involvement in a law suit (I had really hoped to get through my life without even one), modeling for a women's clothing store where I work part-time, and improving my stamina by increasing the time I exercise.  I am also spending concentrated time with a precious friend who is in the last stage of her life.

I have known for perhaps a year or more that I wanted to make significant changes to this website.  I have known that I have less and less energy for teaching and consulting in the workplace using positive methods, and more energy using those same methods as they apply to the social and intellectual interactions with my own aging friends. Those website changes have begun to happen.  They are a result of my deciding to let go of a former self and embrace who I am now.  In instituting these changes, I am also learning to edit the site.  I'm teaching my old brain new tricks!

One of my most valued colleagues approached me this week to coach a client of hers, a client in what she describes as in her third age.  I am flattered and excited.  In exchange for this coaching I provide (and I expect to learn as much from this client as I explore with her), this valued colleague will coach me.  What a gift!

I have not begun this next phase of my life without fear.  The fact that it has taken me over a year to change the website is an indication of my fear of letting go of the professional me.  In doing so, I feel increasing excitement about embracing the social and intellectual me.  Come along if you're up for learning more about what is our final ride!