Fashion.  Not just pretty clothes or interesting clothes.  I'm interested in what makes my almost 70 year old body look GREAT.   I went to the San Francisco Ballet for a Saturday afternoon performance recently and the overwhelming majority of the audience was women.  Not only that, but women my age.  I'd worn a handwoven jacket and black pants.  Almost a uniform, I realized.  Some jackets were brightly colored.  Some had interesting pleats.  Most of them were paired with a scarf.  I was not surprised to find, at intermission, that the Ballet Shop was almost entirely taken up by scarves.  I don't like playing it safe.  I like to stand out--in a good way.  The realization--that I could play it safe, or I could play it POWERFUL--inspired my wish to write about fashion for powerful, sexy, outstanding women who are wise and daring.

What interests me is not so much what I've discovered about 70 year old style, but what I learn and want to share about clothes, jewelry, shoes, and occasional other accessories.  So here goes.  I'll tell you about the stores I've found, the clothes that look good on me with photos and some tips for those who, like me, want to look terrific at our age.

Last weekend I wore a tunic like the pink one here from Bryn Walker with a matching skirt in gray metallic.  The fabric literally has wire in it so you can stand up your collar or squinch it into another shape.  The skirt has little cords on the inside to pull up one or more gathers in the hem.  This look is not for the feint hearted, but my normally conservative husband said I looked fabulous.  So, my first recommendation for lovely clothes for older women is Bryn Walker.  Stores are in the Bay Area of California, but Bryn Walker is carried by many department stores.  I'll share the metallic outfit when next my husband uses my iPhone.

P.S. If you don't know about this site, it will make you brave:


From Bryn Walker, one of my favorite stores

From Bryn Walker, one of my favorite stores.