The Coach’s Guide to Asset-Based Thinking and Appreciative Coaching

Book - The Coach's Guide to Asset-Based Thinking and Appreciative Coaching

by Peggy Guest, Sara Orem, Kathy Cramer and Hank Wasiak

The Coach’s Guide is based on two powerful and proven philosophies: Asset-Based Thinking and Appreciative Coaching.  The guidebook delivers an emotional experience that is engaging, motivational, and practical for the coach as well as the client.  It is personal and coach-centric and was created through a collaboration of some very special people.

Key features of this volume:

  • Written by two leading business and career coaches
  • Includes both asset-based thinking and appreciative coaching methodology
  • Offers information, practice and reflection opportunities for coaches to use with clients
  • Demonstrates a way to integrate these two powerfully positive approaches to personal and organizational change

The Authors:

Peggy Guest, Ph.D., is a Senior Consultant with The Cramer Institute providing executive coaching to a wide range of Cramer Institute clients.  She coaches high-level, high-achiever leaders to enhance their skills and challenge themselves to reach higher levels of leadership.  She has worked as a psychotherapist in her own practice, and has taught Women’s Studies at Washington University in St. Louis.

Sara Orem, Ph.D., has been both internal and external consultant to global financial service companies, and teaches as core faculty in the leadership specialization at Capella University.  She also manages the coaching programs and courses within which coaching is provided at Capella.  She maintains an active speaking schedule with International Coach Federation chapters and university coaching groups.

Dr. Kathy Cramer is founder of the Cramer Institute, publisher of this volume.  The Institute specializes in using asset-based thinking  training approaches to organizational change.
Hank Wasiak is co-founder of The Concept Farm, where he teamed up with Kathy Cramer to produce the first two asset-based thinking bestselling books (Change the Way You SEE Everything and Change the Way You SEE Yourself)

ISBN: 978-1441485373

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